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January 2021 Crossword Puzzle

Can you complete the crossword in one sitting? If so, you might be a winner! The winners will be randomly selected from all correct entries each week. Entries must be received by midnight Sunday following each puzzle’s publication. Chances of winning are dependent upon the number of correct entries received. Employees of Babcox Media, Tomorrow’s Technician, sponsors and advertisers are not eligible to enter. Click here to view the contest rules.

1. Number one piston's highest point (3, 4, 6)
2. ____ 8 bolts have six lines on the head
3. Renewable fuel made from biomass
4. With a manual, if you can't find it, ____ it.
5. War time baby vehicle
6. What a vehicle front end or gogo dancer might do
7. Detailed artist's tool that combines with a compressor
8. Tire's identification lives here
9. Magnets hate this body panel material
10. Wrx Rally Car Builder
11. The D in OBDII
12. Texas ____; slang for crude oil
13. Little______ coupe, you don't know what I got
14. Chevy's team in the Pony Car battle
15. Mazda's MX5, aka
16. Oldsmobile's _______ Cruiser Wagon
17. Animal on both Porsche and Ferrari logo
18. Lamborghini's first vehicles
19. Sedan, Coupe or Cruella
20. Water, air, oil and fuel all require this to function

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