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Chip Foose 1939 Cadillac Custom Madam X Coupe

Capping his 30th Anniversary as a top automotive designer, fabricator and custom car designer Chip Foose debuted his latest custom creation, the 1939 Cadillac Madam X Coupe at SEMA 2016.

Chip Foose’s Madam X Cadillac Custom To Be Unveiled At SEMA

Legendary custom car designer Chip Foose has announced details around the unveiling of his latest automotive masterpiece, the 1939 Cadillac custom known as Madam X.

SEMA Hall Of Fame Selects Chip Foose As 2016 Inductee

Internationally acclaimed automotive designer and master fabricator Chip Foose has been selected by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) as an inductee into the organization’s SEMA Hall of Fame.

Chip Foose Celebrates 30 Years In Design

It has been said that, without Foose, the attention and excitement of the custom car and automotive design scene may not have reached the heights of attention it has over the past three decades.