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Since 1906, the school now known as Sinclair Community College in Dayton, OH, has been training tomorrow’s technicians.   And a little more than a century after its...

The Lakewood, WA, technical college was recognized as the fifth-annual national award recipient for automotive education excellence

This is the fourth-consecutive year for the nationally recognized award in which an automotive program is crowned for its educational excellence.

The automotive vocational high school program receives nationwide recognition, $10,000 in Chicago Pneumatic tools and $5,000 in WIX Filters, as well as other prizes and gifts.

Whether consumers are driving sports cars, hybrids, electric vehicles or motorcycles, there is always going to...


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This is the seventh annual search to find the best technical training school in the U.S. WIX Filters and O’Reilly Auto Parts, partners with Tomorrow’s...
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Winning School Will Receive $2,500 in Prizes, Trip for Two to AAPEX in Las Vegas WIX Filters and O’Reilly Auto Parts, partners with Tomorrow’s Tech...
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Red Kap, a manufacturer and distributor of comfortable, durable work-related clothing and outerwear, has joined WIX Filters in sponsoring two Babcox Media automotive excellence...
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WIX Filters is partnering with Babcox Media to sponsor three automotive excellence awards in 2014, including a new Driving Performance Award that recognizes...
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Online nominations for the 2014 Tomorrow’s Tech School of the Year program are underway. Online nominations will end Aug. 15. Nominate your...

About the contest


The winning school will receive:

• Visit by Tomorrow’s Tech staff and program sponsors

• $2,500 WIX Filters donation to the school’s program

• A uniform for every student from Red Kap, a manufacturer and distributor of comfortable, durable work-related clothing and outerwear

• O’Reilly and WIX Filters gear (hats, backpacks, key chains, shop banners,
T-shirts and product samples)

• Appearance by either the WIX or O’Reilly Auto Parts marketing unit

• Travel for the class instructor and a guest to Las Vegas to attend Babcox Media’s recognition dinner at AAPEX


2014 Contest Deadlines


Regional Winners Announced

September 2014

Grand Prize Winner Announced

November 2014