October 2020 - Tomorrows Technician


October 2020 Crossword Puzzle

1. Automotive Plating
2. Reveals RPM
3. Often installed on tires in winter for mountain pass crossings
4. Deadly exhaust gas; carbon ________
5. Type of gas introduced as fuel in early 1970s
6. Customers love the new car _____
7. Brake, Clutch or Music component
8. Parts returned for remanufacturing
9. Racy paint feature
10. Gasket material, maybe
11. Dash gauge group
12. Set it and forget it control
13. Red Rocker, can't drive 55 (5,5)
14. NASCAR's season opening track
15. The O in REO Speedwagon
16. Subaru's ornery little pickup
17. Hasselhoff's scenestealing Trans Am
18. Sold QA50 mini bikes and Civic
19. Twopiece engine friction reducers
20. Body shop tape
October 2020 Crossword Puzzle Brainiacs:

Tom Welk; Auburn Career Center, Painesville, OH; Carson Ritter, OATC, Olathe, KS; Randy Martin, Anderson Institute of Technology, Anderson, SC; Glenn Hubert, Gloucester County Institute of Technology, Deptford, NJ; Hunter Havel, Hancock County Technical Center, Ellsworth, ME; Paul Frye, Moore Tech Automotive; Memphis, TN; Parker Caldwell, Olathe Advanced Technical Center, Olathe, KS; Jonathan Kollath, Seymour High School; Seymour, WI; Wayne Hayden, Patrick County High School, Stuart, VA; Garrett Roux; Sebastian River High School Vero Beach, FL.

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