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ABS/ESC False Activation Diagnostics

False activation incidents involve the ABS modulator taking over braking or intervening to restore vehicle stability.

Hydraulic Control Units

The ABS module and HCU are the heart of any ABS or stability control system.

VIDEO: CV Joint Axles And ABS Wheel Speed Sensors

Follow these essential steps before this auto repair. This video is sponsored by GSP North America.

ABS Tech Tip 3

Peter Orlando with the third of his ABS Tech Tip clips, this time with a hydraulic tip that you can use on any brake system. Peter gives us the breakdown on some tips for monitoring and controlling contaminate issues during a brake system service that can cause problems with the ABS system.

ABS Tech Tip 2

In this clip instructor Peter Orlando gives us some hands on instruction on resistance testing ABS solenoid assemblies. Peter gives several in depth tips tricks and gotchas related to resistance testing the isolation valves and working with the component schematics to perform the pin out testing