August 2020 - Tomorrows Technician
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August 2020 Crossword Puzzle

1. Camshaft protrusions
2. Carburetor venturis, informally
3. Battery Terminal Type
4. Car Recall Reason
5. Engine Cylinder Diameter
6. OHV System Component
7. Radio dial or sporty car
8. Racing style in which tires are intentionally sacrificed
9. Tech's Creeper Wheels
10. Accumulated Cooling System Deposits
11. Model T Color Choice
12. Contact Between Multiple Vehicles
13. Cylinder Head Material
14. Compresses Fuel Mixture
15. System in Tires Since Late 2007

August 2020 Crossword Puzzle Brainiacs:

• Kent Berklund, AVTEC, Seward, AL; Jonathan Couch, Klein Forest High School, Houston, TX; John Mackey, Sussex County Technical School, Sparta, NJ; Mike McCord, TCAT Whiteville, Whiteville, TN; Roy McDowell, Golden Isles Career Academy, Brunswick, GA; Robert Moore, Mooresville High School, Mooresville, NC; Thomas Mulligan, Northampton County Public Schools Machipongo, VA; Kevin Paukert, Faribault High School, Faribault, MN; John Stratton, OHM BOCES, New Hartford, NY; and Harold Strickland, Harnett County Schools, Lillington, NC.

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