October 2021 - Tomorrows Technician


October 2021 Crossword Puzzle

Can you complete the crossword in one sitting? If so, you might be a winner! The winners will be randomly selected from all correct entries each week. Entries must be received by midnight Sunday following each puzzle’s publication. Chances of winning are dependent upon the number of correct entries received. Employees of Babcox Media, Tomorrow’s Technician, sponsors and advertisers are not eligible to enter. Click here to view the contest rules.

1. According to Tom Cochran, life is a
2. The Y in TTY fasteners
3. AKA Valve Locks; Valve
4. _________Velocity Joint
5. A steering column that comes to you
6. Loose rubber or debris in the corners of a race track
7. Low tires and (allegedly) Patriots footballs
8. Used engine or other component built back to factory specs or better
9. The T in TIG Welders
10. Where the __________ meets the road
11. The swirl pattern finish on brake rotors
12. Racing in a straight line; plus, brakes that won't release
13. Sealants that work only in the absence of air
14. The ________ the bearing clearance, the lower the vicosity of oil recommended.
15. Exhaust converter using precious metals
16. A manufacturing process in which a pattern of straight, angled or crossed lines is rolled into a material.
17. Form of glycol found in antifireeze and ice cream.
18. The outward force created by the portion of the bearing that extends above the housing bore when the bearing halves are set into place.
19. The famed Lady In Black racetrack
20. Mechanically powered air compressor that increases the pressure or density of air supplied to an internal combustion engine

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