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Are Today’s Colors Harder to Match?

It appears we’re dealing with the most unique and difficult colors in the history of car painting … or are we?

What Constitutes Custom Color in Automotive Refinish?

Some say any color not represented by an OEM offering is custom … but that’s a moving target.

How Automotive Paint Preferences Continue To Evolve

Move over, ROY G BIV – the automotive-paint category has grown incredibly nuanced in recent years.

Paint Problem Troubleshooting

A best practice to follow before any repair work begins is to get the color dialed in.

Vehicle Colors: White Continues To Be No. 1 Choice Worldwide, BASF Says

Globally, white maintains its strong position in all vehicle segments and still is the overall No. 1 color with a market share of almost 40 percent. Together with black, gray and silver, the achromatic colors continue to be the most prominent.