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John Gardner And Babcox Media Partner For Video Series

TV star and teacher John Gardner gives a detailed look inside complex car systems.

VIDEO: Can Synthetic Oil Cause An Old Engine To Leak?

One of the greatest myths is synthetic motor oils can cause an older or high-mileage engine to leak. This is not true! Synthetic and conventional base stocks are the same in how they interact with gasket and seal materials. This video covers the source of the myth, and why any engine can benefit from a synthetic or oil.

VIDEO: What Makes For A High-Quality Ignition Coil?

No matter the style of the ignition coil, where it is mounted, or how many cylinders it provides with spark, all coils have zero moving parts and sealed. Less expensive ignition coils use resins that are less resistant to vibration, heat and endless heat cycles under the hood. Taking a risk on a cheap ignition coil from an unknown source can put an engine at risk.

VIDEO: Are All OAD Pulleys The Same?

Andrew Markel explains why two overrunning decoupler pulleys (OAD) may look the same on the outside, but on the inside they may be different. The reason for this is that the OAD pulley is tuned for the engine, drive belt system and alternator.

VIDEO: Using The Search Function To Find Service Information

Online service information is like having access to an entire library in the repair bay. Navigating the service information like a book can cause you to miss critical information like TSBs and user generated content. Andrew Markel covers how to use the search function to find more information faster.

VIDEO: What Is A Torsional Vibration In The Belt Drive And Pulley System?

Andrew Markel covers how the movement of the pistons create torsional vibrations in the belt drive system. These small changes in the speed of the crankshaft can cause vibration in the alternator and belt drive system. If the vibration goes unchecked, it could lead to belt wear and component failure.

VIDEO: Is Belt Tension Going Up Or Down?

With new fuel efficiency mandates, automakers are looking for every possible way to reduce drag on the crankshaft. Many automakers are reducing drive belt tension to not only improve fuel economy, but to extend the life of the belt. Andrew Markel explains how they are able to reduce tension while controlling vibration.

VIDEO: What Is The Difference Between An OAP And An OAD?

Andrew Markel discusses vibration control alternator pulleys, and the differences between the two most common designs available on the market.

VIDEO: Should You Use Copper Gasket Spray?

Andrew Markel discusses copper gasket spray adhesive, and the innovations of modern gaskets that may make applying it unnecessary.

VIDEO: New Wipers Not Working? Did You Inspect The Wiper Arms?

Even the best windshield wiper will not work to its full potential if it is not pushed down with enough force on to the windshield. Inspecting the wiper arm is just as critical as inspecting the blades. If the spring inside is worn, it could cause streak and wiper chatter.

VIDEO: Winter Time Is Filter Time

Cold temperatures make cars run richer fuel mixtures that can cause soot in the engine and in the air. Capturing the particulates is not only the job of an oil filter, but also the cabin air filter. Andrew Markel covers why changing filters before winter can keep the engine and driver healthy.

VIDEO: It’s Not The Filter’s Pleats, But The Filter’s Media

There is a myth out there that says the more filter pleats a manufacturer can cram into an oil filter, the better the filter. This is not true! It is about the multi-layer high-tech filter media that not only adds capacity, but efficiency over extended oil change periods.