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Fuel Pumps And Voltage Drop – Still A Valid Test

Voltage drop testing compares the battery or charging voltage to the voltage at the component.

Voltage Drop Testing Is The One Meter Test That Doesn’t Lie

The measurement of voltage is like the speed of highway traffic – when loads are light, the voltage does not drop.

Voltage Drop Quick Quiz

Today’s modern vehicles contain over $8,000 worth of electronic controls replacing the much easier to understand and diagnose mechanical controls of yesterday. Take our quick quiz to test your understanding of voltage drops in today’s electrical circuits and get an edge on the next tech!

Alternative Load Test Techniques Tip Clip

Instructor Dave Hobbs talks about voltage drop testing issues where the circuit you’re testing doesn’t really have the current flow going through it like it should. It may not be due to the fact you have a big voltage drop from a large resistance source in the wiring or the connections. It could be a couple of problems. It could be the wiring and connections, in addition to a component that’s either inoperative or not drawing enough current as it normally would. In this tip clip we talk about these things and some alternative ‘MacGyver like’ load testing techniques you can try.