Tomorrow's Tech School of the Year Vimeo Form

2024 School of the Year – Video Submission Form

Congratulations! Your school has been nominated for the Tomorrow’s Tech 2023/2024 School of the Year, sponsored by WIX Filters and O’Reilly Auto Parts.

The next step is the video portion of the contest. We’d like you to provide additional information about your school and its automotive program, as well as answer a few questions noted below within the video.

Questions to Answer in Your Video:

  1. What do you credit for the positive learning environment in your automotive program?
  2. What is the greatest challenge facing tomorrow’s techs as they enter the industry and how is your school a solution to that challenge?
  3. How are you addressing the innovations in the automotive industry?
  4. In a time when some schools are cutting programs due to funding, how has your automotive program been able to succeed?
  5. How have you been able to rebound from any needs for virtual classroom or shop experiences?
  6. How are you preparing students for careers as professional technicians and other transportation industry jobs?

What Else to Include in Your Video:

This video should not only answer the above questions, but also introduce your school’s program to the judges and others viewing it. We encourage you and your students to interview, on video, instructors and some students, and discuss a special project the class is working on. We’d also like to see the classrooms, auto labs, tool inventory and any other areas you would like to showcase. Show us what makes your school special!

Other information you can provide: graduation percentage rate, community service and other special projects, teacher/student ratio, scholarships, employment percentage rate, programs offered and awards.

Videos should be no longer than 6 minutes. We encourage you to be creative!

Some examples of other school videos can be found on the Tomorrow’s Tech YouTube channel at

The deadline to upload your video is Friday, January 12, 2024.

Please be sure to Click the Submit button to finalize your video upload.

If you have any questions concerning the video portion in this contest, e-mail [email protected].