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Axle Torque Procedures

Guessing the correct torque setting is a bad idea.

Axle Nut Installation (VIDEO)

Always start the axle nut by hand. This video is sponsored by GMB.

VIDEO: Always Use A New Axle Nut

Andrew Markel discusses wheel hub bearing replacement, and why it is important to ensure a new axle nut is used on every job.

VIDEO: Can You Over-Tighten An Axle Nut?

Andrew Markel discusses bearing installation and how the torque specification of axle nuts should be closely followed.

VIDEO: Should Axle Nuts Be Reused On A New Hub Or Axle?

Should the axle nut be replaced when a new wheel bearing or CV joint is replaced? Andrew Markel discusses when to replace the axle nut as well as the proper torque procedure when using an axle nut socket.