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Understanding Differences Between Aluminum And Cast Iron

Sheer material differences aside, what are the features and benefits of aluminum and iron engine components?

Valve Lifter Technology

Hydraulic lifters are precision-fit assemblies.

Induction System Science: Understanding Airspeed & Airflow

Champion cylinder head porters use math, aerodynamics, thermodynamics and physics to maximize airflow.

Determining The Correct Surface Finish

For an ultra-smooth surface finish, know the metallurgy of the castings and the head gasket.

Lazy Cylinder Heads Get Air Flow Boost With Porting

Head porting expert helps bring engines to the highest level of efficiency.

Building Better Heads for H-D Big Twin Engines

The Harley-Davidson cylinder head aftermarket ranges from mildly modified stock castings to all-out racing billets.

Cylinder Head Porting: Turning Air Into Power

When porting a cylinder head, pay attention to areas that pass the most air at the highest speed.

Facts About Fasteners

When it comes down to it, use of the proper, accurate tools can make all the difference.