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MACS Tip: 2004 Chrysler Pacifica Control Head Replacement Case Study

In this case study–an excerpt from the MACS Quick Hits training video–Paul DeGuiseppi talks about a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica with a blend mode issue diagnosed to be a problem with the control head. The vehicle ended up being a comeback with the customer complaining about the same issue. Paul goes on to talk about how important the ability to diagnose electrical and electronic issues has become in HVAC repair and service.

P1745 Tech Tip

In this excerpt from the 2011 ATSG Seminar class, Instructor Wayne Colonna talks about 41TES and 42RLE VLP transmissions with a P1745 DTC. These codes are usually the result of a problem with a pressure control solenoid that should be reducing line pressure at idle.

Ford Electronic Returnless Fuel Systems

In this tip clip excerpt from the complete Fuel System Testing Strategies class instructor Bill Fulton talks about the Ford Electronic Returnless Fuel systems and how to perform tests on this system using your DSO. He shows us the parameters to watch out for on your scope and how to interpret the info you see.

Valve Timing Case Study Tech Tip

In this excerpt from Dave Scaler’s complete training program ‘Base Engine Analysis,’ Dave shares a quick case study on a Pontiac Grand Am with a Quad 4 that came in with misfire DTCs. He discusses the diagnostic procedures and details of the compression test on this vehicles Quad 4. He gives some best practices and helpful hints for dealing with valve timing issues like those exhibited in this case study.

Back Pressure Testing Tip Clip

In this excerpt from the A8 ASE test prep program, Instructor Dave Hobbs discusses some tips and tricks regarding various ways to perform a back pressure test. He also talks about how to make your own tool for this purpose and tells you what to look out for on the ASE A8 exam regarding back pressure related questions.

Nissan Infiniti ETC Technical Tip Clip

In this tip clip excerpt, trainer Dave Scaler talks about Nissan Infiniti electronic throttle control systems. When we talk about Nissan Infiniti vehicles, one of the most common repairs in debate today surrounds the Fly By Wire or Electronic Throttle Control. Electronic throttle control system on a Nissan Infiniti vehicle is problematic. What we’re going to do is take a look, not only to see how it works, but to see what breaks, and what we can do about fixing it.

OBD II O2 Slow Response Codes Technical Tip Clip

In this tech tip clip excerpt from the AVI class ‘Top 10 OBD 2 Codes: Fix Them Fast’ training program instructor Dave Scaler talks about slow response codes. Current generation o2 sensor heaters are controlled by the computer, and cars today go into closed loop faster than ever on todays cars. Dave talks about the two downsides of this situation and how they effect your diagnostic process. He goes on to further detail the diagnostic processes involved in solving O2 sensor slow codes.

Case Study: 2004 Dodge Stratus Tip Clip

In this excerpt, Bill Fulton current ramps the fuel pump on a high-mileage 2004 Dodge Status with P0300 and P0171 codes. In doing so, he determines whether there is a weak fuel supply or a bad pump. Watch Now.

Ford 7.3 DIT Powerstroke Tech Tips

In this excerpt, Mike Cleary gives you several quick fixes on various Powerstroke engine problems. Tech tips include 1994 ½ EEC tests, injector spill spouts, camshaft position sensor codes, and dead accelerator pedals. He also covers dual mass flywheels, air cleaner updates, injector replacement procedures, and loose IPR jam nuts, as well as injector performance analyzers, oil consumption, no start relay ratcheting, and much, much more!

Ford Enhanced EVAP Tip Clip

In this excerpt from Mark DeKoster’s new thoroughly detailed breakdown of today’s Ford Enhanced EVAP Systems, learn the difference between the current emission standards, and what your shop needs to do to comply, along with analysis of stubborn EVAP codes, how they are set, and how to diagnose.