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Back Pressure Testing Tip Clip

In this excerpt from the A8 ASE test prep program, Instructor Dave Hobbs discusses some tips and tricks regarding various ways to perform a back pressure test. He also talks about how to make your own tool for this purpose and tells you what to look out for on the ASE A8 exam regarding back pressure related questions.

A8 Spark Timing Technical Tip Clip

Section two of the ASE A8 task list is where you find ignition systems. In this video tip clip with instructor Dave Hobbs we’re going to do some cylinder balance testing, which will give us an idea if there is a misfire, and if so, which cylinder it is. And that oftentimes goes hand in hand with ignition diagnosis.

A8 Tech Tip: Two Stage Temp Sensor

Instructor Dave Hobbs gives some insight into something a lot of techs already know about and may just take for granted–two stage temperature sensors. He covers some specifics about the sensors, testing procedures, and how to avoid replacing parts that are good only to find you still have a problem. He also gives some details and insight into the differences in design and wiring of these sensors between the individual manufacturers.

Hybrid A/C Compressor Fuse Tech Tip

In this tip clip, Instructor Dave Hobbs talks about the Hybrid A/C compressor fuse on a Gen 3 Toyota Prius. He provides some hands-on info about how and where to find the fuse. He discusses safety and techniques for properly testing the DC current air conditioning fuse to the DC mini inverter compressor used in late model Toyota and Lexus.

Shorted Motor Gen Tech Tip

In this hybrid tech tip clip instructor Dave Hobbs talks about the hybrid battery disconnects and how important it it for you as a technician to know how to know the procedures to deactivate and shut down hybrid voltage systems in order to safely and efficiently even be able to service other non hybrid systems on a vehicle.

Data Bus Case Study – Malibu

In this tip clip case study instructor Dave Hobbs presents the case study of a 2004 Malibu with a no start condition. Diagnostics later revealed a short in the radio causing the rest of the components on that bus to be unable to communicate. In this Tip Clip Dave gives some helpful info on diagnosing these types of interconnected problems.

Data Bus Testing Quick Tip

Data-bussing and multiplexing can be complex and aggravating. In this clip instructor Dave Hobbs teaches us simple and easy tricks for diagnosing data bus and module issues.