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Nissan Key Will Not Start

Nissan keys use radio frequencies (RF) similar to other everyday wireless devices.

Programming Keys, Codes And Diagnostics

You might think that key programming is a job for a locksmith or specialist, but the market is changing.

TPMS and Radio Waves

TPMS and keyless entry can be difficult to understand because these systems rely on radio waves.

Toyota Key Off Evap Testing Pump Module

In this tech tip clip video, Bob discusses the primary component to Toyotas key off evaporative emission system, the pump module. This clip helps you understand the basic modes of operation to the various components found with in the pump module.

GM Pass Key Systems Hands-On Tip Clip

In this video Tip Clip Bill Fulton presents several hands on test you can quickly and easily perform when diagnosing GM Pass Key antitheft issues and problems. Watch this video and learn to use your multimeter to check and diagnose the various components of the antitheft system.