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Ford 7.3 DIT Powerstroke Tech Tips

In this excerpt, Mike Cleary gives you several quick fixes on various Powerstroke engine problems. Tech tips include 1994 ½ EEC tests, injector spill spouts, camshaft position sensor codes, and dead accelerator pedals. He also covers dual mass flywheels, air cleaner updates, injector replacement procedures, and loose IPR jam nuts, as well as injector performance analyzers, oil consumption, no start relay ratcheting, and much, much more!

Powerstroke Diagnostic Tips

In this tip clip from the Ford Powerstroke 6.0 class Mike Cleary shares some diagnostic procedures that are a shoe-in for profit potential. Fuel in Oil, Inferred EBP, Fuel Filter Replacement and Stiction are just a few of the items diagnosed here. Mike answers these questions with some tips and procedures on how to use your scan tool to aid in your diagnosis.