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VIDEO: Rear Brake Pads On Vehicles With Stability Control

Andrew Markel explains why special attention needs paid to brake pads on vehicles with stability control, including oversteer and understeer corrections and differential replacement.

VIDEO: Fuel Injector Clogs And Replacement Tips

Andrew Markel explains how fuel injectors can clog even when the ignition is off, as well as some replacement tips for fuel injectors.

VIDEO: Wiring Harnesses On New Fuel Pumps

Andrew Markel explains why you should install the wiring harness that comes with a new fuel pump, even if there is not a problem with the old one.

VIDEO: Finding Torque Specifications For Fasteners

All fasteners on a vehicle require a specific torque to prevent damage to components, or the fasteners themselves. Andrew Markel explains how to find torque specifications.

VIDEO: TPMS Sensor Blocked By Brake Components

Andrew Markel introduces a simple tip for if you have a TPMS sensor that is not being detected by the module.

Professional Confessional Video Series – Lifeblood And Killer Mud

In this video series, Engine Builder Editor Doug Kaufman will be sharing stories that engine builders have shared with him. Stories that make you want to laugh – or pull your hair out – or just say, “Yep just another day at work.”

VIDEO: Keep Everything Synchronized On A Timing Belt Replacement Job

Andrew Markel goes over three tips to keep the crank and camshaft aligned when replacing a timing belt.

VIDEO: Relearning And Recalibrating Common Systems

Andrew Markel shows how a few common systems on late-model vehicles can be relearned or recalibrated.

VIDEO: Reprogram The Steering Angle Sensor On A Power Steering Job

Andrew Markel explains the easily forgettable step of reprogramming the steering angle sensor after replacing the steering rack and pump.

VIDEO: What Are High-Line And Low-Line TPMS Systems?

Andrew Markel describes the difference between high-line and low-line TPMS systems and the information displayed with each.

VIDEO: Complete Radiator Replacement

Andrew Markel presents important tips to ensure you perform the complete job when installing a brand new radiator.

VIDEO: Charging System Diagnostics

Andrew Markel goes over alternator diagnostics and the tools and knowledge you need to maximize charging performance.