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FRED on Evap Tip Clip

In this Tip Clip Dave Hobbs talks about EVAP and FREDS, you know Frustrating Ridiculous Electronic Devices, things like PCM’s and ECM’s. He talks about the logic of how these devices control the operation of the vehicle’s evap system. He discusses how the ‘brain’ of the evap system handles things like the operational nature of the evap system such as purge. He also goes into detail regarding how the FRED also handles the regulatory side of things such as EPA guidelines and leak tests.

GM Pass Key Systems Hands-On Tip Clip

In this video Tip Clip Bill Fulton presents several hands on test you can quickly and easily perform when diagnosing GM Pass Key antitheft issues and problems. Watch this video and learn to use your multimeter to check and diagnose the various components of the antitheft system.

4L60E-Pressure Switch Manifold Quick Tip

From 1993 to 2008 the GM 4l60E transmission used a pressure switch manifold to tell the computer what gear was selected. In this Tip Clip instructor Wayne Colonna gives a detailed technical overview of this component with some helpful info on diagnosing associated problems.

Multimeters and Hybrid Vehicles Quick Tip

Orange cables in hybrid vehicles means SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY. In this Tech Tip Clip instructor Dave Hobbs gives us instruction and insight on what to look for in safety equipment and multimeters for use in Hybrid applications. Remember techs, safety first when dealing with hybrid vehicles and high voltage.