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Understanding Mercedes-Benz Tire Pressure

Mercedes-Benz makes the assumption that in the U.S. we adjust our pressure for the number of people and intended speed.

Jeep 60 PSI Tire Pressure Gauge Available from AutoMeter

The Jeep 60 PSI Tire Pressure Gauge features a 2.25-in. black dial with the Jeep logo.

VIDEO: Adjusting Placard Pressure For The Right Reasons

Andrew Markel explains the right and wrong reasons to change the placard inflation pressure, and how to use a TPMS tool to perform the procedure.

Tire Pressure Needs Closer Monitoring In Cold Weather

The Car Care Council recommends checking your tire pressure regularly during the winter to help keep the TPMS light off – and your vehicle safe.

VIDEO: TPMS Antenna On Rear Glass

Andrew Markel retells a story from a reader about how a TPMS issue was caused by the customer’s failure to mention the breaking of the rear glass.

Ford TPMS Relearn And Training Procedures

Ford embraced tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) as early as the 2002 model year on the Explorer and Windstar. These systems can be either direct or indirect.

Tire Pressure: Check Between Services

Never underestimate the value of proper tire inflation. Having the tires inflated to the correct pressure is critical for alignments, TPMS service and maintaining fuel efficiency.

Determining The Right PSI

More than a few of us have spent time looking for the placard with a vehicle’s tire pressure recommendations. And more than a few consumers have looked at their owner’s manual or that elusive placard and wondered why the pressures there are different from the maximum pressure on the tire’s sidewalls.

Hybrid HVAC Systems Quick Quiz

Do you understand how the HVAC system carries out its job in the complex world of the hybrid vehicle? This quiz on Hybrid HVAC systems test your knowledge on the use of proper testing equipment, and what to look for when dealing with HVAC problems.

TPMS Quick Quiz

Since 2007, tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) systems are required on all vehicles in the US. Take our five question quiz to challenge your understanding of the new techniques and latest information on these systems.