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Fine-Tuning Your Wheel Balancing Process

The first step to a smooth ride and well-balanced tire has nothing to do with the balancer.

The Science Behind Traction And Braking

Traction works any time a car is in motion, whether traveling in a straight line or around a curve.

Nexen Tire Using AI To Reduce Tire Noise

Real-world testing methodology using AI technology creates quieter, more environment-friendly tires for consumers.

Bridgestone, Microsoft Create Tire Monitoring System

The system not only understands when damage has occurred, but also where.

Servicing Tires With 18-In.-Plus Rims

Servicing any tire and wheel assembly correctly starts with having the right equipment.

How To Get The Perfect Tire Shine

Steps for properly shining tires and promoting the popular upsell service.

Pirelli: 4 Tire Maintenance Tips To Resume Driving Safely

There are some checks you can carry out by yourself, but others are best done by a tire specialist.

Tips For Investing In A New Tire Changer

If your techs are struggling on tough tires or damaging wheels, it could be time to invest in updating equipment.

VIDEO: Tire Over-Inflation At The Pump?

Andrew Markel discusses how over-inflation may be caused by air pumps at gas stations.

Pothole Season: Tires And More Are At Risk

Drivers in the U.S. will spend at least $3 billion every year because of car damage caused by crumbling roadways, depending on the severity of the winter season, according to a recent AAA survey. And the cost of replacing flat tires and bent wheel rims is only part of the mix.

Shocks, Struts And Tires: What Is The Wear Connection?

The role of ride control and tires becomes even more critical on vehicles equipped with ABS, traction control and stability control systems. As in an emergency lane-change situation, the driver can now steer under panic braking. This means that weight transfer and vehicle pitch can be even more extreme.

Riverside Automotive Releases New Tire Rotation Video

The consumer-facing video shows an animation of how wheels are rotated and explains the benefits of having a tire rotation done.