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Variable Valve Timing Benefits And Systems Overview (VIDEO)

What is variable valve timing and how does it affect the way the engine operates? This video is sponsored by Standard.

Timing The BMW N53 And N54

The latest versions continuously adjust the position of the intake and exhaust camshafts.

T2U Course: Variable Valve Timing

Learn how VVT works, why it sometimes doesn’t and how to service the system. This course is sponsored by Cloyes.

VIDEO: Lack Of Oil Attention Can Kill VVT Systems

VVT systems need proper oil maintenance. This video brought to you by The Group Training Academy.

VIDEO: How VVT Issues Can Ruin The Perfect Cam/Crank Alignment

Andrew Markel discusses timing components, and how issues with the variable valve timing actuator can cause codes from misalignment.

VIDEO: VVT: How Oil Is Like Electricity

Andrew Markel discusses the variable valve timing system, and how the behavior of oil in the system is a lot like voltage passing through a component or module.

GM LS V8 VVT System: Oil Flow And Pressure

The CMP actuator system controls the amount of intake and exhaust valve overlap. The engine control module (ECM) can only command the CMP actuator to advance the valve timing from the park position or retard the valve timing back to the park position.

Variable Valve Timing On Import Vehicles

One of the ways automakers squeeze more horsepower and torque from an engine is adding variable valve timing (VVT) to the valvetrain.

Oil-Related Engine Codes For Variable Valve Timing Engines

Variable valve timing is becoming a standard system on most late-model engines because it offers higher performance from a smaller displacement engine at higher rpms. Oil plays a larger role in VVT systems. They need engine oil not only for lubrication, but also to actuate the camshafts to change the profile of the lobes.