New Variable Valve Timing Course Available On T2U

T2U Course: Variable Valve Timing

Learn how VVT works, why it sometimes doesn't and how to service the system. This course is sponsored by Cloyes.

Variable Valve Timing (VVT) has been incorporated into many late model import and domestic engines, including single overhead cam (SOHC), dual overhead cam (DOHC) and even some pushrod V8s. The technology allows camshaft and valve timing to change with engine speed and load so the engine can develop more high speed power while also getting better fuel economy under light load conditions. but it also creates some challenges for diagnostics and repair.

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Found exclusively on Tomorrows Technician University, In this course you will learn the basics of variable valve timing, possible causes of system failures and diagnostic and service procedures.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding Variable Valve Timing
  • How it functions and what are the benefits
  • Causes of system failure
  • Diagnostic and repair strategies

The course is taught by T2U Technical Content Director Andrew Markel and Cloyes’ Technical Support Manager Cody Smith. 

This course is sponsored by Cloyes.

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