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Wheel Speed Sensor and Hub Unit Diagnostics

All wheel speed sensor codes are just the starting points of a diagnosis and not a reason to order a part.

Wheel Speed Sensor Readings (VIDEO)

What could intermittent or erratic wheel speed sensor codes mean for wheel bearings? Sponsored by BCA Bearings by NTN.

VIDEO: Setting The Air Gap For Wheel Speed Sensors And ABS

You should never remove the wheel speed sensor from a new wheel hub. Here’s why. This video is sponsored by GMB.

VIDEO: Wheel Speed Sensor Codes For Circuit Integrity

You’ll learn how to decipher codes and diagnose the circuit. This video is sponsored by BCA Bearings.

VIDEO: CV Joint Axles And ABS Wheel Speed Sensors

Follow these essential steps before this auto repair. This video is sponsored by GSP North America.

VIDEO: False Wheel Speed Reading Caused By Metal Debris

Andrew Markel discusses active wheel speed sensors, and how metal debris sticking to the reluctor ring can cause a code or false activation.

Active Wheel Speed Sensor Logic

Firing the “parts cannon” at an active ABS wheel speed sensor code often results in misdiagnosis and an unhappy customer. It may start with the wheel bearing hub unit or wheel speed sensor. If those parts do not resolve the problem, the technician may fire the parts cannon at the ABS hydraulic control module. Typically, the customer’s patience and wallet runs out before the car is fixed.

VIDEO: Wheel Speed Sensor Harness Repair And Electron Flow

Andrew Markel follows up on a previous video on wheel speed sensor harness repair, focusing on how voltage and electricity flow through the harness and how a splice may not last forever.

VIDEO: Don’t Try To Repair A Wheel Speed Sensor Harness

Andrew Markel discusses wheel speed sensors, and how a repair should generally not be attempted on its wiring.

VIDEO: Wheel Speed Sensors And Steering

Andrew Markel discusses wheel speed sensors, and how they determine the turning state of a vehicle.

VIDEO: Probing A Wheel Speed Sensor Harness

Andrew Markel explains the proper way to probe a wheel speed sensor harness without damaging the insulation of the harness.

VIDEO: Diagnosing And Replacing Wheel Speed Sensors

Andrew Markel goes over passive and active wheel speed sensors and shows why replacing one may be a better solution than repairing.