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Replacing A Window Regulator (VIDEO)

When replacing a window regulator or motor, look at the procedures in the service information. Sponsored by Lemförder.

Power Window Regulator Replacement

Blindly replacing a window regulator and motor assembly may not solve the real problem.

VIDEO: Power Window Regulator Diagnostics

Diagnostic strategies help determine which window parts have failed and why. This video is sponsored by CARDONE.

VIDEO: Eight Tips On Window Regulator Replacement

Replacing a window regulator requires knowledge and many different skills. This video is sponsored by TrakMotive.

AISIN Launches Window Regulator Program To Aftermarket

The new window regulator program covers 90% of popular Asian, domestic and European vehicles.

VIDEO: Diagnosing Window Regulators Without Removing The Door Panel

Andrew Markel discusses the methods and tools you can use to diagnose window regulators before you remove the door panel.

VIDEO: Is A Window Regulator A Module?

Andrew Markel explores modules, and how more electrical components on a vehicle, such as a window regulator, can communicate through the CAN bus.