David Watts, Author at Tomorrows Technician
TPMS Give & Take – Common TPMS Sensor Corrosion

For TPMS sensors, a harsh environment isn’t a requirement to see valve seizing corrosion take hold.

Tire pressure monitoring system sensor
Galvanic Corrosion: The TPMS Killer

Some parts of the country are plagued by car-destroying corrosion. Whether the acceleration is caused by proximity to the ocean or by chemicals used for road treatment, corrosion can really take a toll on vehicles and the people who are dependent on them.

TPMS Sensor Battery: Dead Sensors Cause Other Problems, Too

The initial expectation was that the sensor’s batteries should last 5 to 6 years, and some did fail within that window – some failed even sooner. But for the most part, the batteries have exceeded expectations.

Identifying TPMS Battery Issues

It doesn’t matter what kind device it’s in, a battery on the verge of death can cause all sorts of weird things to happen. TPMS sensors are no different. All sorts of problems can arise from a dying TPMS sensor battery.