Jacki Lutz, Author at Tomorrows Technician
Tips & Tricks: TPMS Relearn Procedures

Relearns are a necessary step but can be complicated as every vehicle model has a unique set of actions.

Top 3 Import TPMS Scenarios That Cost Time And Money

Don’t assume that if a TPMS tool can’t diagnose or program a sensor that the sensor is bad. Something else may be to blame.

TPMS Scenarios That Cost Time and Money For Repair Experts

Programmable sensors and auto location offer many benefits but may require extra steps during service.

Investment In TPMS Tools Is Commitment To The Future

The TPMS tools you invest in can either make or break the efficiency of your TPMS service efforts.

Changes In The TPMS Landscape Over The Past 10 Years

TPMS advancements today are focusing on coverage and programming speeds.

Maximizing TPMS Sales For Winter Tire Season

Get your shop stocked up and ready to upsell TPMS to your customers requiring a winter tire changeover.

Signs Of Valve Corrosion And TPMS Service Packs

Servicing a corroded valve can be challenging and often leads to replacing the entire TPMS sensor.

Communicating The Effectiveness Of TPMS

Some might compare TPMS to a backup camera or a working sunroof; it should really be compared to an oil life sensor.