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Undercover: Taking a ‘Brake’ To Examine Master Cylinders

Although modern master cylinders are reliable, they do require periodic inspection.

Truck Stop: In for the Long Haul

H-D Service and Maintenance Tips: The following is a basic checklist of items that need to be scheduled for maintenance and repair of trailer dry vans and bodies developed by a national trailer manufacture:

Living Under the Hood: Sparking a Debate on Spark Plug Replacement

Replacing spark plugs became even more complex when we discovered that a careless installation can cause the new spark plug to misfire and the dreaded bright-orange Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) to come on.

Crossword Puzzle: August 2010

Across 1. Items once found in tires 4. Auto-racer’s ride, hopefully (4,3) 8. Maintenance type in owner’s manual 9. The United Auto Workers, for example 10. Vehicle velocity 11. Add air to a tire 12. Coolant passages around engine block (5,6) 17. Post-1977 tire-sizing system (1,6) 19. Component in disc-brake system 21. Streets, boulevards, etc.

Report Card: American-built Supercar Makes its Debut

Billed as the “most exclusive hand-built supercar on the planet,” the Rapier Superlight Coupe, or SL-C for short, offers a multitude of unique engineering specifications, power-plant offerings, exterior colors, interior schemes and a host of other fully customizable options.

Instructor Insight: Voltage, Resistance and Amps — Ohm I!

Guest commentary by Dan Sullivan
Sullivan Training Systems