April, 2012 Archives - Tomorrows Technician
Service Advisor: Airing Out TPMS Concerns: Q & A Forum

The following are some questions and answers that address today’s Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS).

Service Advisor: Mastering Paint Preparation for Maximum Profit

Paint preparation involves much more than simply matching the paint and assembling the gun. By the time the car goes into the spray booth, significant labor has already been dedicated to fixing the defect for a blemish-free surface.

Report Card: Lexus Interprets the Language of Design

The Lexus LF-LC Concept emphasizes a driver-focused vehicle.

Undercover: Handling Honda Brake Systems

What we’ll look at in this article is not so much how to replace worn-out pads, but rather things to be on the lookout for that will ensure a quality job and eliminate comebacks.

Under the Hood: Tearing Into VW’s 4-Cylinder, 5-Valve Engines

The demand for more horsepower led VW/Audi to look for ways to add performance without a complete redesign of the basic engine.

Crossword Puzzle: April 2012

Across 1. Radiators’ tubes-and-fins sections 4. Crash-activated devices (3,4) 8. Convertibles, slangily 9. Big brand in 14-Across components 10. Power-window system part 11. Suspension-system parts 12. Rejuvenate flat battery 14. Windshield-wiper components 18. Protrusion on an engine shaft (3,4) 20. Component absent in unibody car 22. Relationship between gears 23. Combination-wrench section (4,3) 24. Certain