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Service Advisor: “Pouring” Over GM’s LT1 Engine and its Reverse Flow Technology

Like the saying goes, ‘Cooler Heads Prevail’

Undercover: Putting the Brakes on Toyota Hybrid Service Fears

The Prius was introduced in 2001. The rotor and caliper are the same as the Echo, Scion Xa/Xb and MR2. In 2004, Toyota changed the brake system when it upgraded the batteries and electric motor.

The Real World: In It to Win It — Grassroots Racing Engine Work

There are some basic differences to building an engine for road racing applications versus for circle track or drag racing. And, there are differences in your customers who are looking to have their engines modified.

Report Card — Michigan Muscle

Matthew Reinke from Mount Pleasant, MI, proudly shows off his 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT.

Crossword Puzzle: November 2010

Across 1. Rotating part in starter motor 5. Lingerie for cars 9. Prize money paid by race promoter 10. Car-museum bigwig 11. Shock absorber ____ and rebound strokes 12. Remove an engine’s parts 14. Generic term for modified car 16. Piston’s TDC to BDC travel 19. Bond’s "Casino Royale" car, ____ Martin 21. Sole color

Toyota Oil Leak Repair Tips

Traditionally one of the more challenging parts of auto repair, leak detection has come a long way.

Undercover: Uplifting Lessons — Lift Operations

You can only make a few mistakes with a lift before it costs more than the lesson is worth.

Undercover: Getting a Grip on Clutch Service

Before you recommend a particular clutch to a customer, talk to them about how they drive their vehicle and what kind of life and performance they want in a replacement clutch.

Under the Hood: ‘Driving’ Power Steering System Repairs Into the Bays

Although installing a new or remanufactured replacement pump usually remedies the majority of power assist and noise complaints, a technician may still encounter a few of these complaints that appear to have no outward cause.

Real World: Becoming a Zen Motorcycle Master Builder

The book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” demonstrates that working on motorcycles may be either dull and tedious drudgery or an enjoyable and pleasurable pastime; it all depends on the inner attitude, or lack thereof.

Report Card: Treading Lightly

The McLaren MP4-12C is Ready to Hit the Streets