May, 2010 Archives - Tomorrows Technician
Undercover: A ‘Switch’ in the Balance of Power

Electronic Brake Distribution Showing Up in More Vehicles

Under the Hood: Spark Plug and Ignition Wire Replacement

Minimizing Engine Misfires — Misfires are a huge no-no in vehicles that have to meet today’s low emissions requirements

Real Wolrd: CC & TC Captures Top School Honors

Caddo Career & Technology Center, a vocational high school in Shreveport, LA, was named the Tomorrow’s Technician/Chicago Pneumatic 2010 School of the Year.

Real Word: What It Takes to be an Automotive Technician These Days

Public general education and technical education in particular isn’t serving our industries as well as they should, nor are the automotive parts and service industries supporting public education as well as they should.

Crossword Puzzle: May 2010

Across 1. Camshaft protrusions 4. Structure on cop-car front, sometimes (4,3) 8. Windshield post (1,6) 9. See 6-Down clue 10. Coin substitute at tool booth 11. Unwanted car-radio noise 13. Accelerates, in other words (5,2,3,3) 16. Car-appraisal criteria, ____ wear and tear 18. An intersection accident, slangily (1,4) 21. Fiat 500’s name in Pixar’s "Cars"