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Reflashing Considerations For Steering Systems

Even today’s steering systems aren’t excluded from reflashing procedures – doing it wrong can be catastrophic.

Alignment: No More Toe And Go

With systems like lane departure and automatic cruise control, the post-alignment test drive takes on a whole new meaning.

Ford Transit Alignment Spec

The alignment for this vehicle is simple, but the camber and caster angles can be used to diagnose other problems.

Understanding Steering Sensors

For these stability control and steering sensors to be accurate, most of them need to be calibrated on the vehicle, either with a scan tool, specific procedures or a short period of driving to be calibrated. If a sensor can’t be calibrated, the customer could be back with a malfunction indicator light on after a procedure as complex as an alignment or as routine as a battery replacement.

Air Ride Diagnostics: It’s Not Just Swapping Parts

Air ride systems can control vehicle ride height, passenger comfort and improve handling. How they operate and work with the rest of the systems on the vehicle is part of the embedded logic of their control system.

Aluminum Suspension Service: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

From Audi to Toyota, import nameplate manufacturers are using more aluminum for suspension components. An aluminum component is as strong or stronger than steel or cast iron but what sets aluminum apart is how it fails.

10 Alignment Tips To Help You See Past The Angles

Suspension angles are dynamic. As the body moves, the camber, caster and toe will change in the front and rear. OEMs tune these angles for the best tire wear and stability at a set ride height. If a spring is weak or missing a coil, the alignment angles will be off from these calculations.

Ride Height And Spring Diagnostics: Why Do Springs Droop?

No road is entirely flat. Even a small tar strip or dip causes movement in the suspension.

The Complete Strut Job

Most labor guides give a technician 0.3 hours of labor, or 17 minutes, to compress the spring and disassemble the old strut, and assemble the new strut.

How Noise, Vibration & Harshness Diagnostics Is Changing

The topic of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) diagnostics came home to me 20 years ago when I began dabbling in collector car repairs. Customers soon began complaining about wind noise and chassis vibrations in ’60s-era cars. Back then, these complaints weren’t repairable because good NVH abatement technology had yet to be developed. Today, that is not the case.

Stacked Alignment: Solving Lead/Pull Conditions

An engineer’s definition of lead/pull condition is chassis and tire conditions that require steering input to achieve travel in the desired direction. For a technician, it is about capturing what the driver is experiencing.

Air Ride FAQs

This is air ride at its most basic. The thing to remember is that the module is constantly analyzing the relationship between pressure and ride height. In the real world, the relationship and control system is more complex.