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Deciphering An Engine Misfire Code

Many changing factors must be met to pass a misfire monitor.

Acknowledging Aftermarket (Artificial) Intelligence

Afraid that AI will cause a disaster when it arrives? Well, it’s already here and we’ve been using it for decades.

Smoothing Out Ford Focus 4F27E Downshift Mystery

What do you do when transmission problems aren’t caused by a problem with the transmission? Start investigating!

Top 10 OBDII Codes Quick Quiz

Can you diagnose OBDII DTC’s in less than 10 minutes? Take this four question quiz to test your diagnostic strategies when tackling the most common OBD II codes.

Hybrid HVAC Systems Quick Quiz

Do you understand how the HVAC system carries out its job in the complex world of the hybrid vehicle? This quiz on Hybrid HVAC systems test your knowledge on the use of proper testing equipment, and what to look for when dealing with HVAC problems.