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High Pressure Direct Injection Fuel Systems

The main destroyer of high-pressure fuel pumps is a lack of oil changes.

Understanding Fuel Injection

Though many different terms have been used for the technology, it really just comes down to indirect or direct.

Carbon Deposits In Direct Injection Engines

The primary cause of these problems is that fuel and added detergents are not hitting the back of the intake valves.

GDI Safety Information (VIDEO)

Direct fuel injection poses unique safety issues. This video is sponsored by Standard Motor Products.

The Next Evolution Of Fuel Injection

You may soon see a vehicle that has both direct fuel injection and port fuel injection. It could be a Toyota, Ford or other make.

Tech Tips: Direct Fuel Injection Cleaning

Models: 2009-2014 GM Vehicles With Any of the Following Direct-Injected Gasoline Engines 2.0L (RPO LNF) 2.4L (RPO LAF, LEA, or LUK) 2.8L (RPO LAU) 3.0L (RPO LF1 or LFW) 3.6L (RPO LFX or LLT) Some customers may complain of a MIL (malfunction indicator lamp, or check engine light) and engine misfire. In some cases, the