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Fuel Pumps and Cranking

Diagnosing the problem comes down to understanding what causes a loss of fuel pressure.

ASE Test Prep: Can A Fuel Pump Module Have An Internal Leak?

Most modern fuel pumps mount the electric pump at the bottom of the tank. This video is sponsored by Carter Engineering.

ASE Test Prep: Fuel Pump Testing (VIDEO)

Can you get this ASE practice test question correct? This video is sponsored by Carter.

VIDEO: Internal Fuel Pump Leaks

If the fuel pump is replaced, any filter or screen should be inspected and replaced. This video is sponsored by Carter.

Carter Adds Water Pumps To Engineered Pumps Lineup

Carter’s exclusive selection of patent-pending Premium Rapid Fit Water Pumps feature pre-mounted components.

Not Your Father’s Fuel Pump: Today’s Fuel Pumps Are Different

Understanding fuel pressure and volume is more complicated thanks to fuel injection.

Diagnosing Pulse-Width Modulated PWM Fuel Pumps

Here are five things you should know about pulse-modulated fuel delivery systems.