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Quality Triumphs!

New technologies have changed how we interact with our cars. Now, replacement parts quality matters more than ever.

Diagnostic Strategies For New Technicians

In my textbook, a piston or flame front would not be mentioned until the last chapter of the book.

TechForce Report Reveals Demand For Technicians

Overall gap in supply and demand of technicians continues to grow despite slight uptick in diesel certifications.

Toyota’s Certified Technician Program Expands Nationwide

T-TEN technician training is available with different programs, degrees and certificate options, and the typical program length is two years.

Skilled Techs Essential To Economy During Pandemic

UTI graduates play a significant role in America’s infrastructure and economic development, says the school.

Technician Shortage: Understanding Career Choices

Today’s techs are well-paid, highly skilled, hands-on problem solvers. So why is there a lack of interest?

The Importance Of Wearing Hearing Protection

Once hearing loss happens, there is no getting that hearing back.

Essential Aftermarket Employees Keep America Rolling

We’re looking for photos of counter pros, auto repair techs and other essential aftermarket professionals on the job helping keep America rolling right now.

IMR Inc. Publishes Top Challenges For Shops, Techs

29.2% of shop owners said finding high quality technicians who are reliable and knowledgeable is a challenge.

Taking The Long Way: After Years Of White-Collar Work, Aspiring Shop Owner Returns To Automotive

While not your typical path to becoming a technician, Ben Pohl is proving it’s never too late to follow your career goals.

Across the Globe: What It’s Like To Be A 20-Year-Old Engine Builder In The Netherlands

When we heard from Bas Willems, a 20-year-old from the Netherlands, was building a Volkswagen VR6 engine for a 1988 Volkswagen Golf MK2, we had to get the whole story.

Career Corner: 8 Questions Technicians Should Ask During A Job Interview

Job interviews aren’t just a time for the employer to ask all the questions. As a potential employee, you should also interview the employer to make sure the job is a good fit for your needs and skills.