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Tool Up For Belts

Here are six tools to make your next belt replacement more productive.

Best Practices for Timing Belt Replacements (VIDEO)

Service procedures are not suggestions. This video is sponsored by Continental.

What Happens When A Timing Belt Breaks? — FSI Timing Failure

Diagnosing a broken timing belt or broken timing chain, and what that really could mean for the engine.

3 Reasons To Replace Both The Water Pump And Timing Belt

Here are three main reasons why you should have a conversation with your customer to replace multiple parts simultaneously.

VIDEO: Bearings On Timing Belt Components

Andrew Markel explores timing belt components and how the health of the bearings inside of these components is important to proper timing operation.

VIDEO: How Can A Timing Belt Lose Teeth?

Andrew Markel discusses the conditions under which a timing belt could lose some of its teeth, including incorrect tension.

VIDEO: Timing Belts: The Right Tension In The Right Temperature Range

Andrew Markel discusses the installation of timing belts, and how to determine the correct tension depending on the ambient temperature.

VIDEO: Take Your Time With Timing Belt Jobs

Andrew Markel discusses the importance of reading the instructions that come with timing belt kits so ensure the job is performed properly.

Belt-In-Oil Timing Drives

Since the adoption of timing belts by auto manufacturers began in the early 1970s, it has been pretty well beaten into our heads that oil and timing belts do not play well together.

Hyundai 1.6-2.4L Tech Tip: Belts

Check the weights on the shafts before installing belts.

VIDEO: Consider Mileage And Age On Timing Belts

Andrew Markel discusses timing belt replacement, and how service life must not only be measured in mileage, but also the age of the belt.

VIDEO: Reading Timing Belt Wear Patterns

Andrew Markel looks at timing belt wear and discusses which patterns lead to which conditions.