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Why Shocks, Struts And Tires Wear Down

If the suspension bottoms out, contact between the piston and the bottom of the tube could occur.

Noise Reduction is More Important for Tires Today

Tire engineers use a bevy of tests to strive for lower decibels and create a tire that minimizes any noise distractions.

Watch Now: Custom Wheel & Tire Packages and TPMS

Watch Andrew Markel and the Summit Racing expert cover what it takes to spec TPMS sensors for a custom wheel & tire package.

Maximize Fuel Economy With Wheel Position In Mind

Diligent and proactive tire pressure maintenance is another key in maximizing fuel efficiency.

Troubleshooting Tire Vibration with Proper Wheel Balancing

Around 60% of vibration-related comebacks are due to improper wheel mounting or balancing.

The Trick To Tire Life Is Proper Rotations

Proper rotation procedures maximize tread life and customers coming back.

Oversized Tires And Transmissions

Unfortunately, big tires go hand-in-hand with something less enjoyable: Transmission failure.

Tires Don’t Lie About Driving Habits

Tire wear patterns are visual representations of how the vehicle is performing and how owners maintain their vehicles.

The Science Behind Tread Depth On Passenger Tires

Tire engineers continue making tires safer, faster, more comfortable and last longer while optimizing tread depth.

Continental Tests Tire Prototypes For E-Trucks

The premium tire manufacturer is currently performing test drives at the Contidrom.

New T2U Course Coming – Tire And Wheel Service Procedures

This course covers how to properly service the wheel assembly while preventing damage.

Tire Service Training: Tire Mounting and Demounting

Mounting/demounting tires involves two to three times more steps than the average driver realizes.