Watch Now: Custom Wheel & Tire Packages and TPMS

Watch Now: Custom Wheel & Tire Packages and TPMS

Watch Andrew Markel and the Summit Racing expert cover what it takes to spec TPMS sensors for a custom wheel & tire package.

In a one-hour LiveStream sponsored by Summit Racing Equipment, the experts from Summit Racing and Andrew Markel cover what it takes to spec TPMS sensors for a custom wheel and tire package. The session will cover building a recipe for building a package that take will retains TPMS functionality and optimizes the system for increased load capacity and wheel diameter. 

  • Explanation of what is inside a direct TPMS sensor.
  • Operation of the sensors and antennas in the vehicle.
  • TPMS sensor diagnostics and the “Test, Don’t Touch” TIA method.
  • TPMS sensor installation on custom wheels and tires.
  • Programming the TPMS system for load capacity of the tires.
  • Programming vehicle modules for increased wheel assembly diameter.

The goal is to get students thinking about these science, math and engineering concepts:

  • How temperature influences pressure.
  • Understanding how load capacity and tire construction can influence tire inflation pressures.
  • How radio waves work to transmit information over short distances.
  • Wheel and tire dimensions and designs.
  • Calculating vehicle speed when the wheel diameter is increased.  

This livestream is sponsored by Summit Racing Equipment.

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