The Global Auto Care Industry

The Global Auto Care Industry

The global auto care industry is massive, as are the numbers of opportunities within it.

Last month, I had the opportunity to travel to Frankfurt, Germany. I was invited to cover the leading international trade show for the automotive sector, Automechanika.

The show was massive, to say the least. The event was held at a large fairground called the Messe Frankfurt. The Messe Frankfurt holds 12 very large halls, and each hall was filled to the brim with exhibitor booths during the five-day show.

It was hard not to be overwhelmed at first. Each booth presented their innovations and latest technology. Despite a global pandemic, the industry has proven to be resilient and on the road for even more growth.

The show represented the entire value chain of the aftermarket industry with 2,804 exhibiting booths from the largest aftermarket contributors in the industry.

International sectors of some of the largest companies in the industry showed focus on two main trends: digitalization and sustainability. These topics are also trends in the North American market.

As the industry becomes more increasingly aware of the effects of climate change and CO2 emissions, products made from recyclable materials have become more prevalent.

Simultaneously, offering digital tools has also become a necessity in today’s online world.

In this industry, you will get to learn a lot about advanced mechanical and electronic systems. Modern cars have smart sensors, infotainment systems, parking assistance, and even pedestrian detection systems. All of this can be learned hands on.

With an increasing vehicle population, higher vehicle life expectancy and longer car retention, growth in the global auto care industry is fueled, as are the opportunities that come with it.

As cars are on the road longer and at increasing mileage levels, they are more likely to need consistent car care. With both new and used cars becoming increasingly expensive, the auto care industry remains essential to those clinging to their older vehicles.

Solving challenging problems, helping people get their lives back to normal, and contributing to keeping the economy running is all possible in the global auto care industry.

The everchanging industry can be overwhelming to digest at first. If you take the time to learn about the different opportunities that are available to you, you could find the perfect fit for yourself.

For example, you could specialize in a particular area, such as brakes, heating and air conditioning, transmission, suspension and steering, engine repair, electrical systems, and more.

If you can’t stand the idea of sitting at a desk all day doing repetitive tasks, I don’t blame you. No day will be alike in this industry.

People often don’t realize how much they rely on their car until they can’t drive it. Being a part of this industry can give you satisfaction like no other can.

Explore the different opportunities in this industry, you never know what you might learn or what you’ll find.

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