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VIDEO: Hard Brake Pedal Problems

Here’s how a brake pad can cause a hard brake pedal. This video is sponsored by Auto Value & Bumper to Bumper.

Measuring Brake Pedals And Pads

On a mechanical level, it is easy to understand how brakes work. We all understand that brake fluid transfers force from one hydraulic component to another. But, how does this apply to how a brake pedal feels? This is where math is required.

How Do Fluid And Friction Change Brake Pedal Feel?

Chances are your foot will know the condition of a vehicle’s brakes and the quality of the brake pads before your mind puts it all together.

Brake Tech Tip: Low Sinking Or Spongy Brake Pedal

When diagnosing a master cylinder, keep in mind the type of seals that are used are lip cup seals. This design allows for the seal to improve as the pressure increases. Another feature of this seal is that it does not create a vacuum when the piston retracts.

Tech Tip: Increased Brake Pedal And Steering Effort

It may be possible to restore proper brake and steering operation by flushing the system. After cleaning, if the filter and fluid show obvious signs of hose contamination, all hoses must be replaced and both fluid and the in-line filter changed again.

Brake Assist: Diagnosing Low And Hard Brake Pedals

Brake pedal assist complaints are often subjective in nature and, for that reason, can be difficult to solve. Grandma, with her arthritic feet, might be highly sensitive to a slight loss of pedal assist, but her lead-footed grandson not so much. But on-going technology is bringing a certain degree of objectivity into brake-assist diagnosis.