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VW Beetle, Golf And Jetta: Broken Tensioner, Root Cause Of Failure Is Alternator Pulley

This type of failure is the result of severe vibrations in the accessory belt drive system. While a broken tensioner may be the result, the root cause often lies elsewhere in the system.

Diagnosing Vehicle Signal And Chassis Ground

When it comes to electricity, there are two potential energy sources you have to keep in mind. One, being the positive side, and the other, the negative side. Just like a magnet, these two opposite forces react the same way. That is, two positives or two negatives will not meet, while a positive and a negative source of energy will attract each other. This attraction will continue until all the potential energy is equalized.

Honda Electrical System Diagnostics

Honda charging systems won’t present many problems for the experienced tech, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind. It’s our experience that the charge indicator lamp on the dash does a good job of keeping the system in check – of course, that assumes the light is working as it should.

Toyota Charging System Diagnostics

According to my experience, I estimate that replacing the alternator solves 95% of all charging system failures. If that’s true, what happens in the remaining 5% of charging system failures that results in customer comebacks?

Johnson Controls is Charged Up to Showcase New Battery System

A new battery system from Johnson Controls for use in Advanced Start-Stop vehicles will be unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Getting Your Wires Crossed: Wire Splicing for Sensitive Connections

A long time ago, I learned a method of splicing wire that has stuck with me since those early days. I actually picked this method up while I was in the military (USMC), so I can’t take credit for inventing it or perfecting it. But, since it has helped me all these years, I thought

Quick Quiz: Multimeter Usage and Electrical Testing

The electrical system is the perfect place to begin building a foundation for an automotive education. Check out this quiz with questions about how to use your multimeter and test electrical circuits.

Tech Tip: Hands-On Fuel Pump Electrical Testing

In this clip from the Fuel Pump Manufacturers Council, shot here in the AVI garage and presented by instructor Dave Scaler, we are presented some great ‘must know’ tips regarding fuel pump diagnostics. The clip contains info on voltage drop testing and on car hands on demonstrations.

Remy’s New Technical White Paper on the Connection Between Alternator Efficiency and Fuel Savings

Improving fuel savings is one of the most important goals of any fleet on the road today. Inspired by this fact, Remy Inc. recently published a new white paper entitled, “Improving Alternator Efficiency Measurably Reduces Fuel Costs,” in order to share its expertise and benefit the entire industry.

The Remy Inc. 32-page white paper provides an in-depth explanation of how an alternator works, examines where and how power losses can occur within the alternator and quantifies how efficiency plays a role in fuel consumption. Actual vehicle test data is provided to support the cost savings that can be experienced when upgrading to a higher efficiency alternator.


Escape Hybrid emergency response procedures are similar to those for a traditional gasoline powered vehicle with the exception of the high voltage electrical system. The guide is 11-pages.

SYLVANIA Step-By-Step Bulb Type Headlight Replacement

In the Remove and Replace example shown here, the entire headlamp is accessed by easily removing a pin.

ACDelco’s Electric Fuel Pumps

The material contained in this brochure is a summary of instructions and cautions for the service of electric fuel pumps. For more training from ACDelco, click on their ad to the right