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Nylon Fuel Line Repair Techniques

Can you repair fuel lines yourself? Yes, if you make quality your number one priority when making decisions.

Cooling System: Hose Inspection and Replacement

One bad hose can cause an engine malfunction. This video is sponsored by Continental.

Audi Tech Tip: Identifying Animal Bite Marks And Solutions

Some customers may report electrical problems that might seem unrelated or in just one system. The issue could be animals biting wire insulation, cables and hoses.

VIDEO: Internal Hose Degradation From Coolant

Andrew Markel discusses coolant hoses, and how electricity flowing through the coolant can lead to the inner hose liner breaking down and failing.

VIDEO: Installing Spring-Type Hose Clamps

Andrew Markel discusses the installation and longevity of spring-type hose clamps, and how they keep a hose connection sealed up to 200,000 miles.

VIDEO: Engine Efficiency Brings More Hoses

Andrew Markel discusses hoses and the necessity for several of them to route fluids to all parts of the vehicle due to the growing efficiency of engines.