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Air Ride Conversion Kits

Air ride and active shocks and struts will eventually fail – succumbing to either damage to or dry rot of the air spring.

Chassis – Ride Control

Learning how to read the tire and communicate your findings is the key to ride control.

Getting a New Perspective on Ride Control Topics

Don’t give up. Surveys have shown that 50% of ride control sales occur on the second visit.

Alignment Specs – Gen VI Mustang

Aligning this Mustang is not that much different from Ford’s other products, but there are additional steps to follow.

Shock and Strut Tips

Here are 10 basic tips on shocks and struts.

Don’t Back Down When Recommending Ride Control

Shocks, struts and springs do not operate independently.

The Complete Shock And Strut Swap

One mistake to avoid when replacing struts is reusing the bearing plates or upper mounts.

‘Selling’ Ride Control Repairs

A visual inspection of the shocks and struts can tell you a lot about the ride control units.

Nissan Suspensions: Inspection And Restoration

The suspension needs just as much or more attention when compared to the engine.

Understanding System Operation Is Key To Diagnostics

Active dampening or suspension control systems can be found on luxury Asian and European vehicles.

How Shocks And Struts Help Ride Comfort

Do you understand the technical differences between monotube and twin-tube shock designs?

Active Ride Control: Comfort, Control And Wheel Travel All In One Sway Bar

Imagine a car without sway bars. The car would experience body roll around corners, but off road and in a straight line, the tires would maintain better contact with rougher roads at lower speed for better traction.