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Gasoline Direct Injection Technology

Gasoline Direct Injection technology has been a key part of improving fuel economy and reducing emissions since the early 2000s. This video is sponsored by Standard.

Digital Video Scopes Offer Full High-Definition Resolution

Flexible video scopes can monitor, capture and inspect hard to reach spaces and cavities.

AISIN Aftermarket Launches Water Pump Timing Belt Kit Video

This video also celebrates a decade-plus partnership with top OE manufacturers.

VIDEO: Manual Transmissions: Top 2 Inspections To Diagnose Chatter

In the first episode of Tech Test Prep, Carley Millhone discusses what you need to know about chatter and clutch inspection to pass the ASE G1 Test.

VIDEO: Electronic Thermostats

Andrew Markel explains how electronic thermostats can increase efficiency and decrease emissions through controlled heating.

VIDEO: Diesel Exhaust Fluid Winter Tip

Andrew Markel shares a quick tip about diesel exhaust fluid and why the level sensor may show as low in the winter, even when it is topped off.

VIDEO: Wheel Bearing Runout

Andrew Markel shows how cleanliness is next to godliness when installing a new rotor on an existing hub and flange on a vehicle.

VIDEO: Aluminum Caliper Service

Andrew Markel explains the main things to watch out for when installing or repairing aluminum calipers.

VIDEO: Direct Injection And Oil

Andrew Markel shows how the fuel pump, variable valve timing, and oil well work together, and how the failure of one of these components can lead to codes and other problems.

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