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Fine-Tuning Your Wheel Balancing Process

The first step to a smooth ride and well-balanced tire has nothing to do with the balancer.

Troubleshooting Tire Vibration With Proper Wheel Balancing

Around 60% of vibration-related comebacks are due to improper wheel mounting or balancing.

New T2U Course Coming – Tire And Wheel Service Procedures

This course covers how to properly service the wheel assembly while preventing damage.

VIDEO: Solving Tire Vibration Issues

Solve vibration issues before a customer leaves the shop. This video is sponsored by Hunter Engineering Company.

Understanding Wheel Weight Materials

Understanding the nuances of each wheel weight material can help technicians perform a better balance every time.

EZ-COLLETS App Makes Wheel Balancing More Efficient

The app helps service pros find the best collet, flange or quick plate for a wheel balancing job in a few simple steps.

Hunter Unveils HD Elite Heavy-Duty Wheel Balancer

The HD Elite has class-leading capacity handling 52-in. diameter and 500lb assemblies.

New CEMB RFV Wheel Balancer

A guided Radial Force Vectoring process significantly reduces floor-floor cycle time and uses OEM “best practices.”

The Case For On-Car Wheel Balancing And Wheel-To-Hub Indexing

On-car balancing solves many issues that off-car balancing cannot address because the wheel assembly is not perfectly centered on the vehicle due to small clearances that can make a big difference in radial force ride quality.