Tomorrow's Technician To Get Perfect Attendance

Tomorrow’s Technician To Get Perfect Attendance

E-Newsletter to be distributed daily, helping instructors educate their students no matter where the classroom may be.

Keeping students engaged and interested can be challenging enough under the best of circumstances – today, that engagement is increasingly difficult, yet more important than ever.

Tomorrow’s Technician is here to support your efforts. Effective Monday, April 6 we will connect you and your students with relevant technical content every school day with a vibrant daily digital newsletter as our first step of transitioning from a monthly printed publication.

Now, your classroom can be wherever you want! With the launch of “Tomorrow’s Tech Today” we will provide free, unlimited access to an innovative, exciting and inspiring educational resource that will connect instructors, students and suppliers every day during the school year.

We ask two things:

  1. If you currently receive the Tomorrow’s Technician newsletter every Tuesday and Thursday then you’re all set to receive our daily newsletter beginning Monday, April 6. If you need to register, please do that today. (CLICK HERE)
  2. Ask your students to register to receive our daily newsletter. They – like you – will be instantly connected to an array of technical automotive repair content in support of your classroom curriculum.

Subscribing to our newsletters is simple – just visit

As an instructor, you can rely on Tomorrow’s Tech massive library of printed and video resources to help you plan and execute comprehensive educational programming. From collision repair to engine building, to updated information on tools and scanners, to the latest in TPMS and ADAS technology, we offer technical articles and training videos that provide in-depth explanations of systems and procedures for nearly every segment of the automotive industry.

In addition, we’ll be looking for your news, with ample opportunities to celebrate your victories and breakthroughs with your training colleagues across the country through Tomorrow’s Tech Today.

We applaud your efforts to prepare students for an exciting future in the automotive industry and Tomorrow’s Technician vows to support you in a variety of ways.

Best wishes and thanks for your continued commitment to excellence.

Doug Kaufman
Tomorrow’s Technician
Editorial Director

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