Acura Frozen Starter Causes No Start

Acura Frozen Starter Causes No Start

Follow the corrective procedure if the bulletin correlates.


2016–2020 MDX (except Hybrid)

2022–2023 MDX (except Type S)

2015–2020 TLX V6


The engine will not crank on the initial startup attempt after the vehicle has been exposed to precipitation and then freezing temperatures.


Water can enter the starter motor. In cold temperatures, the water can freeze, preventing the starter motor from cranking the engine.


Replace the starter motor assembly, if needed.


  1. Confirm that the engine does not crank.
  2. Inspect the starter motor for signs of icing. If icing is found, warm up the starter motor either by gently applying heat or allowing the vehicle to thaw inside the shop environment.
  3. After the thawing period, attempt to crank/start the engine.

If the engine starts, replace the starter.

If the engine doesn’t crank/start, continue with normal troubleshooting.


-Using a scan tool, reset the Idle Stop Starter Counter.

-To protect the battery sensor connector from damage, do not hold it when removing the negative terminal.

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