April, 2004 Archives - Tomorrows Technician
Becoming the Master Masker

Adapted from Keith Combs’ feature in BodyShop Business

Recovery Mission

Adapted from Larry Carley’s article in TechShop

Honda Technical Tips from Technicians

Adapted from Bob Dowie’s article in ImportCar

Loaded Calipers: It’s a Good Thing

Adapted from Larry Carley’s articles in Brake & Front End

Customized Issues for Custom Wheels

Adapted from Scott Blair’s column in Tire Review

Badge of Honor – The Case for Ongoing Training

As a student in an automotive technology class, you are acquiring the basic skills and knowledge you’ll need to succeed as an entry-level technician. It’s a good beginning to what will become a familiar part of your chosen career. Ongoing training is as much a part of becoming a successful technician as a good set

Questioning Misfires

Adapted from articles in Counterman

Loaded Calipers: It’s a Good Thing

Adapted from Gary Gom’s article in Underhood Service