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Crossword Puzzle for April 2007

Across 1. New cars’ pre-set option groupings 5. Workbench-mounted grabber 9. Ticket-by-mail device, ____ radar 10. Combination-wrench section (4,3) 11. Alignment-bay adjustment, perhaps (4,3) 12. Write off a ride, slangily 13. Adjust ignition timing, in a way 15. Leakage of gas past piston rings 18. Radiator-hose adjunct 20. See 13-Across clue 23. Fine paint cracks,

I Want You – to Understand Brake Performance

Adapted from Larry Carley’s and Gene Markel’s article in Brake & Front End

Engine Series – Ring of Fire

Adapted from Larry Carley’s article in Underhood Service

Geometry In Motion – Stabilizing Steering and Suspension

Adapted from Gene Markel’s article in Brake & Front End

Badge of Honor- Spotlighting Excellence

One of the most typical comments I get from automotive technicians and others in the industry is that the general public just doesnt appreciate the value we provide. To a large degree, thats very true, but it probably has more to do with the general lack of understanding of modern vehicle technology by that same